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15th Annual HIGHER Ground
Women's Leadership Conference

Pivoting Forward: The LeaderSHIFT

The practice of leadership is most often understood within the context of relationships inside organizations and institutions. The boundaries that dictated our lives months before have all but dissolved, prompting the need to reconsider our definition of leadership, where it takes place, and who controls it. Circumstances and opportunities have required women to readjust their expectations and what is expected of them. While the past 18-months took a physical, emotional, social, and political toll on many families, it has also provided a moment for reflection, resignation, recovery, and reimagination of what our lives could be beyond this moment. It has forced a shift in our notion of leadership and allowed us to reconsider our roles and worth at home and work. Opportunities have emerged from an uncertain environment for leaders to reflect on how we capitalize on the leadershifts that have transpired over the last year to pivot forward.  



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As The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute launched planning efforts for the 2021 Annual HIGHER Ground Women's Leadership Conference, we embraced the guiding principles of compliance, compassion, and creativity to develop and present an event that reflected these concepts. We surveyed conditions, reviewed the university's protocols and policies, and used this information as the foundation and guidance to determine the best course of action for our conference. The health and safety of our participants, presenters, and supporters, acknowledgment of the continuing demands on work and life during a pandemic, and remaining in compliance with university safety guidelines were of the utmost importance to us. They informed our decision to proceed with a virtual programming format.

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Agenda at a Glance

8:30 AM Morning Mindful Moment
9:00 AM Conference Opening and Welcome
9:30 AM Opening Keynote Speaker - We All Win When Women Lead
10:45 AM Plenary I - Rising Above Resistance: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Women in Today’s Organizations
12:00 PM Lunch Break
12:30 PM    Plenary II - Who’s Got Next? Preparing for the Next Generation of Impactful Women's Leadership
2:00 PM Plenary III - Powerup! Preparing for the Essential Needs of Women in the Workforce
3:30 PM Closing Keynote Speaker - Hope, Love and Grace...Reaching Higher Ground
4:30 PM Conference Close-Out
4:45 PM Fireside Chat - After-Conference Leadership Conversation
5:00 PM Adjourn

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