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Take a moment to center yourself and direct your attention to your purpose. The morning will allow you to set your intentions for the day and posture yourself to usher in insight and inspiration, opening your being to catalyze inquiry, awareness, creativity, and peace.

Ashley Williams, MS, C-IAYT, Yoga Therapist & Founder, Mindful On Life and BareSOUL Yoga

Nakeina E. Douglas-Glenn, PhD, Director, The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute
L. Douglas Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs 

Research and history have shown evidence that when women are in charge, everyone wins. There is a distinct female advantage that gives women the competitive edge. Women are likely to be more inclusive and transformational in their leadership style and ethos. They are more likely to mentor and role model. Countries do better when women lead. Communities do better when women lead. Companies do better when women lead. As a result, these women serve as aspirational markers to envision possibilities. Join us for this power session with leader Kiko Davis Snoddy, Trustee, Donald Davis Living Trust Founder and President of the Don Davis Legacy Foundation, Managing Director of Groovesville Productions & Publishing LLC, as she highlights her personal leadership journey and the leadership skills she believes are needed for success.

The national refocusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was felt in workplaces and communities across the world. New efforts were launched, strategies were implemented, and commitments to lasting change were declared. In the months since, it appears the focus has drifted back to DEI status quo, as leaders committed to systemic change resist stagnation. DEI Executives featured in this discussion will provide their insights and share strategies for furthering mission-critical DEI initiatives in your own organizations.

The Honorable Ida Chen, Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Marcelle Wilson Davis, DSL, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, VCU Health System
Maria Morukian, MA, PCC, President and Founder, MSM Global Consulting, LLC
Janice Underwood, PhD, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia 

With nearly five generations of employees in the workplace, it’s time to make room for emerging talent to lead the vision forward. Today’s next generation of women leaders are the largest in the workforce and have already amassed an outstanding record of accomplishment. Yet, the current agenda for women’s leadership centers heavily on a historical model. With plenty of experience under their belts, the next generation of women leaders is looking for a modern take on the appraisal of their performance. This session will examine the changing values of young working women, how well we are preparing for the next generation of leaders from their perspectives, what advice they need, and what advice they can give.

Adria Cordova, President, Association for Latino Professionals, Philadelphia Chapter
Abby Credicott, Chair, HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Engage)
Ka'Myia Gunn, Student Emory University School of Law
Ryann Lofchie, Chief Executive Officer, Viveki Consulting, LLC

The work-life challenges women face were exacerbated by the pandemic, forcing new ways of working and living. As we move beyond these experiences, women’s choices, expectations, and narratives about work are evolving—so too must their workplaces. This plenary session will highlight the organizational norms and expectations needed to construct workplaces that support the changing needs of women. Join us to explore tactics, strategies, and visions needed to create the conditions necessary for women to strive and thrive in the changing workforce.

Chrissy Keeton, Founder & CEO, Control Y Consulting
Jennifer Y. Scott, Director, The Americas, Global Workplace Solutions Team, The Coca-Cola Company
Elizabeth Veliz, Assistant Vice President, Talent Management & Organizational Development, VCU Health System
Omega Wilson, Founder, Innovative Strategies Consulting, LLC

The conference will come to a close creating a reflective space to turn your attention to higher ground. Prioritizing hope, love, and grace can serve as guiding principles to cultivate a growth mindset and transform leadership for yourself and others. Draw on the inspiration of our closing keynote speaker, Founder, and Executive Director of the Foundation for Family and Community Healing, Dr. Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert, to spark your own.

Don’t miss this interactive conversation with nationally and internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and industry leader Charis Jones, Chief Executive and Chief Design Officer for fashion and lifestyle brand Sassy Jones. Get up close and personal with our speaker as she shares the secrets of her success and strategies to expand your influence and impact. Her story reveals an aspirational model for going the distance to achieve your dreams. She is a true example of how commitment to your vision and willingness to risk it all pay off in the end. Hear the secrets behind her bright, bold, and unapologetic confidence and how you can elevate your leadership brand!