2019 VCU Leadership Application

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Thank you for applying to the VCU Leadership Development program. Before you begin, please note that an application-in-progress cannot be stored or saved, so you will need to complete the form in one session. The application will ask for different types of information, including your thoughts about an ideal mentor. Additionally, you will be asked to identify three references and upload documents, including a personal statement, bio sketch, CV/resume, and current position description. Please review the entire application prior to beginning.

The demographic information collected in this section is aggregated and used to inform GEHLI recruitment, program development, evaluation, and strategic planning. Answering these questions are optional; your responses or decision not to respond will not play a role in the application process.

Professional Role & Responsibilities



Three letters of references from the following sources should be included in your application:
1) your dean or vice president;
2) your direct supervisor;
3) a colleague or leader who can comment on your current responsibilities, leadership skills, and career development.
If your direct supervisor is also your dean or vice president, please submit two references from colleagues or other university leaders along with the recommendation from your dean/vice president. Each reference should submit a completed nomination/reference form, found at

Reference #1


Reference #2

Reference #3

Mentor Alignment

These questions are designed to help clarify your needs and expectations so that we might pair you with an appropriate university mentor as part of the program. We will be sharing your responses with your mentor once they are assigned.


Required Supplemental Information

1). Current Position Description. Describe your responsibilities in your current position. Focus on the activities, operations, or functions for which you are directly responsible. (Limit: 200 words or less)

2) Personal Statement. Please include your response to the following prompts. (Limit: 700 words or less)
a) Why are you applying for this training opportunity? What professional goals do you have for your leadership development during your participation in the program?
b) What path would you like your career to take? How do you see your experience with the program fitting in to your long-term career goals?
c) Describe a professional situation in which you took a leadership role. In what ways were you effective? In what ways were you not effective? What did you learn from this experience?
d) How does your leadership role fit in to the larger context of VCU? In what ways can you envision yourself expanding your professional contribution to VCU?

3) Current CV or Resume.

4) Professional Bio Sketch. Please provide a bio sketch, that, if you are selected, will be shared with other participants and mentors. (Limit: 100 words)

This application must be complete and include the following supplemental documents by October 15, 2018 in order for your application to be considered for acceptance into the program:

- Application form
- Current position description
- Personal statement
- CV/resume
- Bio sketch
- One letter of reference from a dean, vice president, or equivalent
- One letter of reference from a direct supervisor
- One letter of reference from a colleague or additional university leader

All applicants must submit three letters of reference using the appropriate reference form. If you are supervised directly by your dean/vice president, then submit one letter from that person and two from other colleagues/university leaders.