2014 Projects

HB 994 Human Trafficking

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Staci Boone, City of Richmond
Traci DeShazor, Commonwealth of Virginia
Selonia Miles, United States Marine Corps
Katina Williams, St. Joseph’s Villa

Human Trafficking has become an international crisis that has caused a devastating impact on the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose of this report is to examine the racial equity impact of Virginia House Bill 944. HB 994 was introduced to the House by Delegate Barbara Comstock, along with 13 other members of the House and was passed by the House of Delegates and was Passed Indefinitely in Courts of Justice with letter in 2014. This Bill, as initially introduced, would have made it a felony to participate in Human Trafficking by expanding the definition of abduction/kidnapping. It also would have provided additional protection for minors by taking away the defense of consent. This report reviews the practices of Human Trafficking and provides an overview of how HB 944 being passed indefinitely harms minority communities.