2001 Projects

Life Sciences Institute for High School Students and Teachers

A two-day institute will be developed and presented on campus in late fall or early spring semester for selected high school students and teachers. The program content and activities will be designed to focus on a theme within the Life Sciences. Each year a theme will be selected in consideration of all the programs and schools associated with the Life Sciences Initiative at VCU. This includes biology, genetics, health-care sciences, the behavioral sciences, and the integration of arts and social sciences as feasible. The institute will lead to high school students earning one undergraduate credit and teachers will earn one graduate credit for continuing education or advanced study. The program is designed to attract students to attend VCU for the Life Sciences. The high school teachers will serve as student sponsors and potential recruiters for students at their local high schools. The learning experiences will be designed so teachers can incorporate Life Sciences’ content into their high school classrooms. Given the team’s vision and mission, the proposed project is designed to enhance collaborative efforts among the Life Science disciplines and university outreach to high schools within and outside of Virginia.


Terri Fauber, Radiological Technology
Rita Pickler, Family and Community Health Nursing
Inez Tuck, VCU School of Nursing
Everett Worthington, Department of Psychology


Sue Ann Messmer, University Relations
Heber Newsome, VCU Global Education