2005 Projects

Campus Pride

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This project proposed a better means to identify what manifests a sense of pride on college campuses and identify how, specifically, VCU could enrich the campus image, the campus experience and the campus environment to nurture and enhance institutional pride. Of the ideas that were proposed, Mary Cox, University Architect, was able to implement several under the purview of facilities management. The VCU Rams logo painted on campus streets and the use of banners highlighting key university accomplishments were among the ideas proposed in this project.


Mary Cox, Facilities Management
Tim Davey, School of Social Work
Susan Gooden, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs
Pamela Lepley, University Relations
Catherine Nichols, School of Medicine
Macon Sizemore, VCU Medical Center
Marilyn Stern, Department of Psychology
Margaret Williams, School of Business


John Duval, MCV Hospitals