2008 Projects

The 1% Campaign

The 1% Campaign was proposed to raise scholarship funds for first year VCU student who are dependents of VCU/VCUHS employees. Honoring Dr. Grace E. Harris, this fund will eventually provide tuition and fees for new students for need-based and/or merit-based scholarships. The ultimate goal of The 1% Campaign is to entirely fund one percent of the entering first year class which is approximately thirty to thirty-five students. The recipients will be named Grace E. Harris Scholars.

Bridging the Gaps: Building a University Link Tank

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This project proposed a University Link Tank as a mechanism by which to build bridges between employees via a network of small groups. Participation in the Link Tank would be voluntary and open to all VCU and Health System employees. The program would be modeled similarly to the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) program, which is administered by the Center for Teaching Excellence, but it would concentrate on issues that are not specifically related to teaching. Topics will be proposed annually. The program would also concentrate on effectively utilizing existing VCU resources to resolve issues.

Ram Resources

Ram Resources proposed the development of a mentoring program where VCU alumni would be marched with VCU student. With the use of a web based application process, the alumni would volunteer time to meet with a student in the same field of study. Targeted students would include those who are first generation college students, those who have finished their first year of study, and those with average grades. All departments can participate, and create a unique program for their students. In December, 2008, Mary Hermann presented the proposal to the school of business Alumni Board who is interested in implementing the program.