2009 Projects

VCU Volunteers

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VCU Volunteers follows VCU’s history of developing mutually partnerships with the community and is supported by VCU 2020 Theme 5- A model for community-university partnerships. VCU Volunteers will make VCU a better place to work by fostering a sense of belonging and pride in employees at all levels. The mission of VCU Volunteers is to build a collaborative employee community through the shared experience of volunteering. An employee-driven steering committee will guide the activities of the program. This committee will be denied by an employee and will include representative’s membership for Human Resources – Work/Life Resources, Community Engagement, the VCU Caring to Act Calendar Committee, and departments throughout the University. The steering committee will develop guidelines and a volunteer handbook. Volunteer activity opportunities will be presented to the steering committee, vetted according to the guidelines, and publicized to employees.


James Mays, Statistical Sciences and Operations Research
Jeanne McNeil, VCU Life Sciences
Lynn Pelco, Division of Community Engagement
Lisa Price-Stevens, Internal Medicine
Jamie Stillman, Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Lydia Zirkle, VCU School of the Arts


Frank Macrina, Edward Myers Professor of Dentistry and Vice President for Research