2010 Projects

VCU Internal Alignment Project

The purpose of this project was to see how many projects were actually implemented fully throughout the years of the program. The group members contacted others who they personally knew on the project teams of six prior projects that related to VCU Infrastructure (VCU Internal Alignment projects). Interestingly, in many cases these alumni volunteered input and constructive feedback on the institute as well. The projects included Campus Pride (2005), VCU Center for Research Excellence (2005), Monroe Park Fall Festival (2006), MERCI (2006), University Link Tank (2008), and The Next Generation (2009). All of the projects were drafted and presented in completion at the end of GEHLI. We found that only one project, Monroe Park Festival, was subsequently implemented in full.


Bonnie Brown, Department of Biology
Leonard Dillgard, VCU Police Department
Alicia Hodges, International Admissions
Anne Hawkins, Patient Care Services
Mark Jacubec, Capital Program


The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute