2012 Projects

The Administrative and Professional Faculty Experience at VCU

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At a time when Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is striving to become a premier research institution, Administrative and Professional (A&P) Faculty are essential to the university’s ability to provide and sustain the quality educational programs that are the foundation of the academic enterprise. While essential, A&P Faculty are not always factored into University efforts to the same extent as instructional faculty. Recognizing that A&P Faculty represent a population diverse in educational background, professional focus, role, responsibility, and contribution, Team Our Time conducted a mixed methods study on the experience of A&P Faculty at VCU.


Leslie Bozeman, Global Education Office
Melanie Christian, School of the Arts
Colleen Davis, School of Business
Harold E. Harris, Jr., VCU Health System Information Technology
Sydney B. McDonald, University Counseling Services
Nicolle Parsons-Pollard, Virginia State University


Cindy H. Andrews, Human Resources

Quest for Distinction Theme

I.D: “Recruit and retain faculty, staff and senior leadership with the skills and talents to increase quality teaching and learning, high impact research, and diversity at all levels.”