2012 Projects

Transfer Student Peer Mentorship Initiative

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Transfer students have unique needs that differ from those of incoming freshmen. The TRAM Transfer Student Mentorship Program connects incoming transfer students with students who also began their VCU journey as transfer students. Through a one-on-one relationship with a trained mentor, transfer students who participate in this program will access guidance and information to help them navigate the university and its resources, programs, and culture.


Melinda DeBrew, Partnerships for People with Disabilities
Artis Gordon, VCU Transfer Center
Rebecca E. Jones, School of Business
Teri Kuttenkuler, VCU Health System System Human Resources
Irene M. Lubker, Tomkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences
Dewey Taylor, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


Daphne L. Rankin, University College

Quest for Distinction Theme

I.A “Recruit and retain talented and diverse students who will graduate at a higher rate and will contribute to a highly skilled workforce.”