2013 Projects

Making Disability a Part of Diversity

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When given the necessary materials to succeed, qualified students who require special accommodations, can make a meaningful impact in society. The project will make a case statement as to why the disability services program at VCU needs to be redesigned to fit the needs of today’s disabled student. Our project will provide suggested changes to address staffing needs, financial resources, and the materials required to adequately support qualified students at VCU. Our goal is to increase the services provided by the school, which will increase the retention rate for students with disabilities.


Making Disability a Part of Diversity Project Video


Arianne Dowdell, Division of University Relations
Stefanie King, School of Social Work
Scott Sherman, Advertising
Lauren Shiver, Development and Alumni Relations
Bhavna Shroff, Orthodontics


Velma Jackson-Williams, Division for Inclusive Excellence

Quest for Distinction Theme

I.A “Recruit and retain talented and diverse students who will graduate at a higher rate and will contribute to a highly skilled workforce.”