2014 Projects

Make Art Real

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The Make Art Real project aims to introduce new audiences to the arts. It supports Theme II of Quest to promote creative expression and enhance quality of life. This venture will provide regular programming at “The Depot” in downtown Richmond. Exhibits will demonstrate collaboration between art and other disciplines, allowing faculty, staff, and students not enrolled in arts programs to share the artistic side of their work. The project also corresponds well with efforts to develop the nearby VCU Institute for Contemporary Art and with the university’s ongoing efforts to work with the City of Richmond and local business owners to bring reinvestment to nearby sections of the city.


Dolores Carrington-Hill, Division for Inclusive Excellence
M. Teresa Doherty, VCU Libraries
Alison Jones, Vice President for Health Sciences
Michelle McGregor, Oral Health Promotion and Community Outreach
Mike Porter, University Public Affairs
W. Scott Street, Statistical Sciences and Operations Research
Patricia White, Office of Admissions


Ashley Kistler, Anderson Gallery

Quest for Distinction Theme

II.B. "Increase university-wide productivity in high-impact research, scholarship and creative expression."