2014 Projects

Math in Motion

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Everything we know about the universe rests on the foundation of mathematics. Somehow, though, the magic of mathematics – the true power of numbers and their beautiful wildness – gets lost in math class. Children, our most magical thinkers, get turned off math in grade school and miss out on a language through which they could learn to read and change the world. VCU Math In Motion will generate a creative, dynamic STEM education initiative within the Richmond community using an innovative curriculum and a customized mobile unit to bring the beauty of math to City school children in grades 5-9, through partnerships across VCU and within the Richmond school system.


Jose Alcaine, School of Education
Diana Barden, Surgery
Lori Floyd-Miller, Graduate School
Blake MacIver, Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Lea Marshall, School of the Arts
Angela Nelson, Facilities Management
Thomas Vahdani, Department of General Practice Dentistry
Tarynn Witten, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, VCU Life Sciences


D'Arcy Mays, Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Quest for Distinction Theme

IV.B. "Create university-community partnerships with a focus on the key targeted areas of K-12 education, access to health and economic development.”