2015 Projects

A Website to help the International Students Experience (WISE)

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VCU was recently featured in an issue of International Educator for leading the way in educating international students.  According to the article, VCU currently has more than 1,500 international students studying at the institution.  This population is a significant part of the VCU community and presents a rich source of experience and varied perspectives.  Given the increasing globalization of our campus, the Global Education Office (GEO) has identified the need for tools to connect faculty and staff with important resources that will enhance the academic experience of international students at VCU and raise awareness of multi-cultural differences that enhance the diversity of the university. We feel that educating faculty/staff about likely struggles international students face will aid in improving the experience international students have at VCU while also improving the effectiveness of that faculty/staff in their interaction with the student and in their own understanding of the culture.  Our Team is proposing designing a blueprint for that website that would act as a resource to help meet this need. Within the website, we would include information about various cultural and educational aspects to aid in communication.  We feel this could be the foundation for additional content including ‘one sheets’ that would be easy to read and understand for all of the users, webinars on multicultural communication, and a process to identify and train global liaisons who may become a resource to other faculty and staff.


David Allen, Associate Dean for Business and Administration, School of Nursing 
Agnes Chojecka, Patient Access Supervisor, Multi-Specialty Surgery, VCU Medical Center
Tori Keel, Clinical Case Manager, University Counseling Services, Division of Student Affairs
Norma Ortiz-Robinson, Assistant Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Susan O'Shea, Director of Financial Reporting and Accounting, VCU Qatar School of the Arts


Amber Hill, Director of International Studies, Global Education Office

Quest for Distinction Theme

Theme I: Become a leader among national research universities in providing all students with high-quality learning/living experiences focused on inquiry, discovery and innovation in a global environment