2017 Projects

Care Works: Come Home for Care

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Team Care Works completed a comparative review of health and wellness related employee-specific benefits to determine how VCU might enhance its benefits through initiatives such as on-site medical clinics, prioritized appointments, telehealth, and on-site pharmacies. Informed by the comparative analysis, Team CareWorks will provide recommendations that VCU can use to: capitalize on the integrated relationship with VCU Health to enrich the health and wellness of its outstanding assets (the employees); and provide enhanced benefits to employees by making VCU Health more easily accessible and more appealing as a Medical Home.

Valerie Coleman, RN Clinician and Program Director, VCU Health System
Kenneth Warren Foster
, Assistant Professor and Instructional Technologist, School of Medicine
Katherine Haydon, Senior Director of Development, School of Nursing
Hanna Navarrete, Program Coordinator, School of Engineering
Alexandra Reckendorf, Associate Chair of Political Science, College of Humanities and Sciences
Michelle Stickler, Executive Director, Office of Research Subjects Protection
Josh Van Dyck, Associate Director, Office of Procurement Services

Paul Wesolowski
, Chief Operating Officer, VCU Health System

Quest for Distinction Theme
Theme I: Become a leader among national research universities in providing all students with high-quality learning/living experiences focused on inquiry, discovery and innovation in a global environment