color headshot of Faulks

Kiara S. Faulks

Job title: Program Manager
Telephone: (804) 827-1169

Kiara Faulks, Program Manager, is responsible for coordinating and organizing programmatic and educational logistics for the institute's programs and conferences and related staff and consultants. As lead support, Faulks manages the Institute’s people, projects, and events; communication and experiences of program candidates, participants, and alumni; and the daily operations of the institute.  She is also responsible for enhancing recruitment, instructional, and research initiatives for the Institute.

Prior to joining VCU, Faulks served as a behavioral counselor for the Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board. Faulks earned a master’s degree in counseling from Norfolk State University in May 2016. In 2013, Faulks graduated from VCU, where she received a Bachelor of Science in psychology. During her studies at VCU, Faulks provided program support to the institute as a program assistant. She brings to the institute years of experience providing administrative support and service delivery, serving in leadership and supervisory roles, and executing program curricula. Faulks takes pride in being able to provide a service to the community and in building long-lasting relationships.