VCU Leadership HIGHER Ground | MPLI

VCU Leadership Development Program

Joanna Bell, School of Education

Hem Bhardwaj, VCU Health

Chandra Bhati, VCU Health

Rucha Bond, School of Pharmacy

Ashley Brewer, VCU Libraries

Winifred Campbell, Office of Procurement Services

Carol Caudill, School of Dentistry

Nayef Chahin, Children’s Hospital of Richmond

Keara Chambers, College of Engineering

Amy Chuan, Office of Research and Innovation

Nicole Damico, College of Health Professions

David Edwards, College of Humanities and Sciences

Brent Fagg, Office of Research and Innovation

Christopher Garland, School of Pharmacy

Victor Gonzalez – Montoya, VCU Health

Rebecca Heise, College of Engineering

Courtney Holmes, College of Health Professions

Melissa Jamerson, College of Health Professions

Amy Ladd, VCU Health

Ross Losapio, Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs

Joycelyn Mahone, Office of Development & Alumni Relations

Virginia McGhee, VCU Health

Kimberly McKnight, School of Education

Meera Mehtaji, School of Education

Bryce Nelson, Children’s Hospital of Richmond

Hillary O’Boyle, Children’s Hospital of Richmond

Ryan Patton, School of the Arts

Maria Rivera, College of Humanities and Sciences

Peyton Rowe, Robertson T. School of Media and Culture

Christopher Schreiner, School of Nursing

Srinivas Sistla, School of Pharmacy

Jonathan Snider, School of Medicine

Paula Song, College of Health Professions

Ilvy Cotterell, School of Medicine

Collin Cox, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs

Janina Golob Deeb, School of Dentistry

Parthenia Dinora, School of Education

Katherine Donowitz, Children's Hospital of Richmond

Mary Fain, VCU Health System

Nick Georges, Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Zachary Hilpert, University College

Carole Ivey, College of Health Professions

Jason Jacobus, Division of Administration

Aniket Jadhav, School of Dentistry

Marcel Jennings, Richard T. Robertson School of Media & Culture

Veronica King, University Controller's Office

Emily Lilley, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Amy Lutero, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth, Division of Student Affairs

MaryPeace McRae, School of Pharmacy

Shravan Renapurkar, School of Dentistry

Kristin Richardson, Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Carmen Rodriguez, College of Humanities and Sciences

Rita Shiang, School of Medicine

Alexis Shockley, VCU Health System

Patrick Smith, School of the Arts

Patricia Sobczak, VCU Libraries

Christian Wernz, College of Health Professions

Tammy Williams, School of Nursing

Tonka Williams, VCU Health System

Renee Adams, VCU Health System

Lelia Brinegar, School of Medicine 

Denise Bullock, VCU Health System

Ashley Carroll, School of Medicine

Megan Coe, VCU Health System

Mary Ann Davies, Division of University Relations

Tracey Dawson Cruz, College of Humanities and Sciences

Lauren Dunn, VCU Health System

Rebecca Durfee, College of Humanities and Sciences

Jeffrey Eastman, Facilities Management

Brian Fowlkes, VCU Finance

Jenny Fox, School of Medicine 

John Glover, VCU Libraries

Soundarya Gowda, School of Medicine

Stephanie Hart, College of Humanities and Sciences

Brianne Jackson, ALT Lab/Online@VCU

Kenneth Johnson, VCU Health System 

Jessica Laux, Division of Administration

Hermine Maes, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics

Milos Manic, College of Engineering  

Mark Marinello, VCU Health System

Elizabeth Marlowe, School of Medicine

Larry Medina, Division of Administration

Jennifer Papenfuse, Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Rashmi Pershad, School of Medicine

Elicia Preslan, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

Kristin Reed, University College

Elaine Reeder, ALT Lab/Online@VCU

Michelle Schmitt, School of Education 

India Sisler, School of Medicine

Fernando Tenjo-Fernandez, College of Humanities and Sciences 

Claudia Testa, School of Medicine 

Melissa Throckmorton, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation 

Matthew Wallin, School of the Arts

James Wasilewski, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Zakia Williams, School of Education

Jeffery Wilson, School of Education

Shijun Zhang, School of Pharmacy 

Lori Zoghby, School of Dentistry  

Marc Aiello, Office of Budget and Resource Analysis

Justin Alexander, School of Arts

Elizabeth Bambacus, New Student and Family Programs

Sompop Bencharit, School of Dentistry

Roy Brown, Tomkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences

Caitlin Burns, School of Business

Kristen Caldwell, Development and Alumni Marketing and Communications

Jaycee Dempsey, Audit and Compliance Services

R. Lee Franco, College of Humanities and Sciences

Kathleen Gabriel, Office of Research and Innovation

Kendra Gerlach, School of Engineering

Marie Greenwood, VCU Health System

Jeannetta Hollins, School of Nursing

Melissa Hopkins, VCU Health System

Muthoni Imungi, School of Social Work

Cristen Jandreau, Office of Research and Innovation

Melissa Johnson, University College

Lukasz Kurgan, School of Engineering

Jennifer Lee, Strategic Enrollment Management

Sara Loritsch, Strategic Enrollment Management

Matthew Lovisa, Division of Student Affairs

Anne Massey, School of Medicine

Joshua Mathews-Ailsworth, VCU Health System

Marcus Messner, College of Humanities and Sciences

Magdalena Morgan, Office of Research and Innovation

Christine Mowery, College of Humanities and Sciences

Grace Palmer, VCU Health System

Ben Plache, Honors College

Sally Santen, School of Medicine

Devanand Sarkar, School of Medicine

Cheryl Slokker, School of Business

Jennifer Tennison, Graduate School

Peter Uetz, VCU Life Sciences

Alison Ullman, VCU Health System

Leland Waters, School of Allied Health Professions

Jon Waybright, School of World Studies

Diana Burkett, School of Education

Brian Canaday, School of Pharmacy

Pemra Cetin, School of Medicine

Winnie Chan, College of Humanities and Sciences

Valerie Coleman, VCU Health System

Deborah Diaz Granados, School of Medicine

Kenneth Foster, School of Medicine

Laura Frankart, School of Pharmacy

Julie Gorlewski, School of Education

Thomas Gersham, Division of University Relations

Courtney Harris, School of Arts

Katherine Haydon, School of Nursing

Quinton Johnson, Audit and Compliance

Courtenay Leahman, School of Medicine

Kimberly Lewis, VCU Health System

Mark Meadows, College of Engineering

Hillary Miller, VCU Libraries

Hanna Navarrete, College of Engineering

Donna Patterson, VCU Health System

Jaime Petrasek, School of Social Work

Margaret Price, Division of University Relations

Alexandra Reckendorf, College of Humanities and Sciences

Cheri Stickles, VCU Police

Michelle Stickler, Office of Research and Innovation

Eileen Truax, Facilities Management

Josh Van Dyck, Procurement Services

Susan White, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Tiffany Williams, School of Dentistry

Marquita Aguilar, College of Humanities and Sciences

Nital Appelbaum, School of Medicine

Erin Burke Brown, Division of Community Engagement

Alaina Campbell, College of Humanities and Sciences

Cheryle Caplinger, College of Engineering

Carrie Connolly, Honors College

Dave Dixon, School of Pharmacy

Teraya Donaldson, Office of Research

TyRuben Ellingson, School of the Arts

Suzanne Fairman, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Tina Hamlet, VCU Medical Center

Nathan Hanger, Division of University Relations

Christal Holmes, Office of Admissions

Lucy Hudson, College of Humanities and Sciences

Emily Hurst, VCU Libraries

Micol Hutchison, University College

Christiana Lafazani, School of the Arts

William Martin, Real Estate Services

Quamrun Masuda, School of Pharmacy

Kasey Mattison, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Deborah McGuire, School of Nursing

Jenifer Murphy, VCU Medical Center

Laura Napky, School of Social Work

Stephanie Nickerson, Audit and Compliance Services

Danielle Parker-Mangum, VCU Medical Center

Ravi Perry, College of Humanities and Sciences

Juliana Rasnic, College of Humanities and Sciences

Musarrat Shah, School of Dentistry

Michelle Skinner, Division of Student Affairs

Paula Spencer, VCU Medical Center

Ashlie Tseng, VCU Medical Center

Mark Wood, College of Humanities and Sciences

Daniel Woodward, Division of University Relations

Lynanne Yndestad, Division of Strategic Enrollment Management

David Allen, School of Nursing

Kellie Archer, School of Medicine

Tomasz Arodz, College of Engineering

Stephen Barkley, VCU Libraries

Alison Breland, Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences

Agnes Chojecka, Multi Specialty Surgery, VCU Medical Center

Dvora Courtland, Graduate Studies, School of Business

Dawn Crichlow, Graduate School

George Deeb, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Dentistry

Susan DiGiovanni, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine

Donna Gibson, Counselor Education, School of Education

Sarah Golding, Department of Biology, College of Humanities and Sciences

Mary Beth Heller, Center for Psychological Services and Development, College of Humanities and Sciences

Anne Hoffler, Development and Alumni Relations

Florence Johnson, Compliance Services

Victoria Keel, University Counseling Services, Division of Student Affairs

Arnold Kemp, Painting and Printmaking, School of the Arts

Tom Klug, Division of University Relations

Whitney Lovelady, Transfer Center, Division of Strategic Enrollment Management

Tito Luna, Division of Community Engagement

Elizabeth McDaniel, VCU Libraries

Kelechi Ogbonna, Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science, School of Pharmacy

Norma Ortiz-Robinson, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, College of Humanities and Sciences

Susan O'Shea, VCUarts Qatar 

Kendall Plageman, Division of Student Affairs

Molly Ransone, Office of Learning Innovation and Student Success

Mary Shelden, Department of Focused Inquiry, Office of Learning Innovation and Student Success

Michael Southam-Gerow, Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences

Jenilee Stanley-Shanks, College of Engineering

Angela Wetzel, School of Education

Jose Alcaine, School of Education

Diana Barden, Surgery

Dolores Carrington-Hill, Division for Inclusive Excellence

Amy Chesky, Office of Clinical Transformation

M. Teresa Doherty, VCU Libraries

Lori Floyd-Miller, VCU Graduate School

Rima Franklin, Department of Biology, College of Humanities and Sciences

Sandra Fritton, Disability Support Services

Timothy Gibbs, Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU

Alena Hampton, University Counseling Services

Jessica S. Hill, University College

David Holland, School of the Arts

Valerie Holton, Division of Community Engagement

Alison Jones, Vice President for Health Sciences

Antoinette Light, VCU Health System, Human Resources Department

Blake MacIver, Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Lea Marshall, School of the Arts

Michelle McGregor, Oral Health Promotion and Community Outreach

Angela Nelson, Facilities Management

Mike Porter, University Public Affairs

Demetrius Shambley, University College

W. Scott Street, IV, Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Stephanie Tignor, Global Education Office

Thomas Vahdani, Department of General Practice Dentistry

Patricia White, Office of Admissions

Tarynn Witten, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, VCU Life Sciences

Gokhan Yucel, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lisa Abrams, School of Education, Foundations Department

Ashlyn H. Anderson, University College

Katherine M. Beck, Center for Teaching Excellence

Philip W. Branch, Cultural Programs/Arts in Healthcare

Kimberly Brown, Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies, College of Humanities and Sciences

Maria Carlton, Human Resources, VCU Health System

Harinder S. Dhindsa, Department of Emergency Medicine

Tom Diehl, Recreational Sports, Division of Student Affairs

Arianne Dowdell, Division of University Relations

Ronnie Evans, Department of Health and Human Performance, School of Education

Preetam Ghosh, Computer Science, College of Engineering

Stefanie May King, School of Social Work

Joseph Kuttenkuler, Video Services, Division of University Relations

Joyce Lloyd, Department of Human and Molecular Genetics

Claudia Mangum, Physical Plant

Juanita C. Sharpe, Office of the Provost

Scott Sherman, VCU Advertising

Lauren A. Shiver, Development and Alumni Relations

Bhavna Shroff, Orthodontics

Mary Slade, VCU ASPiRE, Division of Community Engagement

Yaoying Xu, School of Education, Special Education and Disability Policy

Meng Yu, College of Engineering, Computer Science

Tarynn Witten, Center for the Study of Biological Complexity, VCU Life Sciences

Gokhan Yucel, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Holly P. Alford, Fashion Design and Merchandising

Leslie Bozeman, School of Education, Doctoral Studies

Sydney Brodeur McDonald, University Counseling Services

Melanie Christian, School of the Arts, Office of the Dean

Colleen Davis, School of Business

Melinda P. DeBrew, Partnership for People with Disabilities, School of Education

Mary Eisendrath, Sculpture

Melanie Goodman, Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction

Artis Gordon, VCU Transfer Center

Harold E. Harris, Jr., HIS Service Desk

Melanie Irvin, Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Rebecca E. Jones, VCU School of Business

Rochelle Jordan, VCU Graduate School

Margaret S. Kelland, Facilities Management, Physical Plant

Theresa Kuttenkuler, VCU Health System, Human Resources

Ellen Leverich, School of Pharmacy

Susan Lipp, School of Nursing

Irene M. Lubker, Health Sciences Library

Karla Mossi, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Nicolle Parsons-Pollard, Virginia State University

Rachel Riley, Non-Invasive Cardiology

Mark Roberts, Grants and Contracts

John P. Skaritza, College of Humanities and Sciences

Dewey Taylor, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Kristen Caskey, School of the Arts

Danielle Edgley, Dental Services, Children's Hospital of Richmond

Donna Gilles, Partnerships for People with Disabilities, School of Education

Caren Girard, Planning and Design

Carolyn Hawley, Rehabilitation Counseling

Leena Joseph, College of Engineering

Mitzi Lee, Real Estate Services, Procurement and Payment

Samantha Marrs, University Development and Alumni Relations

Scott Oates, Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Katherine Oliver, School of Business

Shajuana Payne, University College

Maike Philipsen, Foundations of Education

Ramana Pidaparti, College of Engineering

Timothy Reed, Student Commons Activities

Joan Rhodes, Teaching and Learning, School of Education

Lisa Shickle, Massey Cancer Center

Mary Ellen Spencer, VCU Libraries

Diane Stout-Brown, VCU Alumni Association

Danielle Terrell, Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies

Ginny Wagg, School of Buisness

Patricia D. Wallace, Human Resources

Jill Wilson, Statistical Sciences

Janet Bishop, Assurance Services, University Audit

Denise Branch, VCU Libraries, Acquisitions Department

Bonnie Brown, Department of Biology

Leonard Dilligard Sr., VCU Police Department

Patricia Ferguson, Creative Services

Mary Griffith, Medical College of Virginia

Anne Hawkins, Patient Care Services

Alicia Hodges, International Admissions

Heidi Jack, Academic Finance and Administration

Mark Jacubec, Capital Program

Daniel Park, School of Social Work

Jennifer Rivers, College of Engineering

Reuban Rodriguez, Student Affairs and Enrollment Services

Mary Beth Taormina, Environmental Health and Safety

Franklin Wallace, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Amy Armstrong, Rehabilitation Counseling, College of Health Professions

Melanie Boynton, School of Business

Sylvestine Branch, Records and Registration

Martha Clements, School of Dentistry

Nicole Dailey, VCU Police

James Mays, Statistical Sciences and Operations Research

Jeanne McNeil, Life Sciences

Ingrid Mercer, International Support Services

Kelli Parmley, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Michelle Peace, College of Humanities and Sciences

Bettina Peacemaker, VCU Libraries

Lynn Pelco, Division of Community Engagement

Rebecca Pousson, School of Dentistry

Lisa Price-Stevens, Internal Medicine

Jamie Stillman, Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Jennifer Thompson, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Lydia Zirkle, School of the Arts

Jihad Aziz, University Counseling Services

J. Christian Barrett, Internal Medicine

Tammy Berwanger, External Relations, University Marketing

Blair Brown, Office of International Education

James Frazier, Dance Choreography

Mary Hermann, Counselor Education

Kimberly Jacobs, Peri-operative Surgical Services, VCU Health System

Dale Jones, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Deborah Justis, Ambulatory Care, VCU Health System

Ed Kardos, School of Dentistry

Kelly Lockeman, Provost’s Office

Debra Lyon, School of Nursing

Jon McAchren, VCU Police Department

Carolyn Strand Norman, Accounting, School of Business

Bruce Rybarczyk, Psychology, Psychiatry

Mark Schaefermeyer, VCU Graduate School

Brigitte Sicat, Pharmacy

Donna Steigleder, Human Resources, VCU Health System

Sandra Wilberger, VCU Training and Technical Assistance Center

Linda Zyzniewski, Undergraduate Studies, Psychology

Lois Badey, College of Humanities and Sciences

Michal Zivan Coffey, Campus Learning Center, University College

Al Copolillo, College of Health Professions

Jason Cottrell, Campus Learning Center, University College

Sharon Dawson, College of Humanities and Sciences

Patricia Flanagan, VCU Libraries

Sharon Gibbs, VCU Health System

Justin Harris, VCU Athletic Department

Rosalyn Hobson, College of Engineering

Sean Ingram, VCU Police Department

Wendy Kliewer, Department of Psychology

Ella Maokhamphiou, Audit and Management Services

Jana McQuaid, Graduate Studies in Business

Bernard Moitt, Department of History

Deborah Quick, VCU School of the Arts

Sue Sreedhar, Pediatrics

Colleen Thoma, Department of Special Education and Disability Policy

Melissa Tyler, VCU Graduate School

Shawn Utsey, Department of Psychology

Cheryl Chesney-Walker, Health Careers/Education and Special Services for Students

Renee Wilson, Workforce Planning and Compliance, Human Resources

Andrew Yeudall, Philips Institute/School of Dentistry

Gail Bartee, College of Humanities and Sciences

Alison Baski, College of Humanities and Sciences

Christopher Brooks, College of Humanities and Sciences

Bryan Brown III, Facilities Management

Anne Buckley, Division of University Relations

J. Brian Cassel, VCU Health System

Zachary Goodell, Center for Teaching Excellence

Clare Greene, VCU Health System

Edward Howard, Division of Community Engagement

Janet Hutchinson, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Christine Isaacs, School of Medicine

Kim Isringhausen, School of Dentistry

Charles Klink, Division of Student Affairs

Jeffrey Legg, College of Health Professions

Ronald Miller, VCU Health System

Shannon Mitchell, School of Business

Mary Nugent, VCU Health System

Howard O'Berry, VCU Police

Andrea Publow, Office of Research

Deborah Slayden, VCU Health System

Jacqueline Smith-Mason, Honors College

Patricia Strong, University College

Robert Taylor, School of Business

Kiersten Ware, College of Health Professions

Jennifer Burruss, Department of Assurance Services

Bridget Byrne, School of Dentistry

Mary Cox, Facilities Management

Timothy Davey, School of Social Work

Carlton Edwards, VCU Police

Susan Gooden, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Martha Lou Green, University College

Sofia Hiort-Wright, University College

Ashok Iyer, College of Engineering

Sharon Jahn, Human Resources, VCUHS

Marlene Kustesky, College of Humanities and Sciences

Pam Lepley, Division of University Relations

Larry Little, VCU Health System

Marilyn Miller, College of Humanities and Sciences

Catherine Mohr, VCU Health System

Catherine Nichols, School of Medicine

Paula Otto, Mass Communications

Daphne Rankin, Division of Learning Innovation and Student Success

R. Macon Sizemore, VCU Health System

Marilyn Stern, College of Humanities and Sciences

Nancy Strange, School of the Arts

Peg Williams, School of Business

Susanna Wu-Pong, School of Pharmacy

Joseph Borzelleca, School of Medicine

Joy Bressler, Division of Student Affairs

Deborah Brock, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

Carlos Brown, Facilities Management

Nell Chenault, VCU Libraries

Mohamed Gad-el-Hak, College of Engineering

Sheryl Garland, VCU Health System

Jeffrey Green, School of Medicine

Mary Ann Hager, VCU Health System

Sally Hunnicutt, College of Humanities and Sciences

Nancy New, VCU Health System

Jason Noble, School of Medicine

Janis Ober, VCU Health System

Evelyn Reed-Victor, School of Education

Cynthia Schmidt, Division of University Relations

Seth Sykes, College of Humanities and Sciences

Amy Unger, College of Humanities and Sciences

Matthew Woolman, School of the Arts

Tilahun Adera, School of Medicine

Humberto Fabelo, School of Social Work

James Farmer, School of the Arts

Patricia Grant, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

D'Arcy Mays, College of Humanities and Sciences

David Upton, School of Business

Kevin Allison, College of Humanities and Sciences

Ellen Brock, School of Medicine

Gregory Buck, School of Medicine

Maria Curran, VCU Health System

Carolyn Funk, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

John Guthmiller, School of the Arts

Darrell Johnson, VCU Health System

Thomas Mayhew, College of Health Professions

Kathryn Murphy-Judy, College of Humanities and Sciences

John Pierce, School of Medicine

Jeffrey Setien, VCU Health System

Diane Simon, School of Education

Neil Sonenklar, School of Medicine

Dace Svikis, College of Humanities and Sciences

Christopher Wagner, College of Health Professions

Grant Warren, VCU Police

Cheryl Al-Mateen, School of Medicine

Marcia Carney, School of Medicine

Ralph Clark, School of Medicine

May Crosby, VCU Health System

Susan Deihl, School of Medicine

Ruth Epps, School of Business

Terri Fauber, College of Health Professions 

Robert Higgins, VCU Health System

Catherine Howard, Division of Community Engagement

M. Njeri Jackson, Office of the Provost

Cynthia Kirkwood, School of Pharmacy

Susan Kornstein, School of Medicine

Shelly Lane, School of Medicine

Allen Lewis, College of Health Professions 

Mary Martin, VCU Health System

Laura Moriarty, College of Humanities and Sciences

Rita Pickler, School of Nursing

Diane Reynolds, Office of Business Services

Nancy Scott, School of the Arts

Veronica Powell Shufford, School of Pharmacy

Inez Tuck, School of Nursing

John Ward, School of Medicine

Elizabeth Waterhouse, School of Medicine

Everett Worthington, College of Humanities and Sciences


HIGHER Ground Women's Leadership Development Program

Lakeisha Allen, Richmond Public Schools

Simone Biasuzzi, EAB

Alexa Boggs, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Christine Booker, Virginia Commonwealth University

Erin Bragg, Virginia Commonwealth University

Stephanie Carrington, Richmond City Health Department

Sarah Clay, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jaida Cureton, Jade Multicultural Salon

Michelle Daschner, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Michelle DiPietro, Capitol Equipment, Inc. 

Candace Dungee, Virginia Commonwealth University

Erin Freeman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lisa Gagliano, Virginia Commonwealth University

Marisa Guida, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sara Harrington, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Tanya Hockett, Virginia Department of Emergency Management 

Nancy Hsu, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jadrian Jones, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Sherri Laffoon, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Ibironke Lawal, Virginia Commonwealth University

Wendi Martin, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jonette Meade Barley, City of Richmond

Carlitta Moore, Arkansas State University

Gretchen Neigh, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lori Payne, City of Richmond 

Abbey Pemberton, Charles City County

Katie Shedden, Virginia Commonwealth University

LaChelle Waller, Virginia Commonwealth University

Patricia Williams, City of Richmond

Romona Willoughby, Virginia Commonwealth University

Susan Zacharia, Virginia Commonwealth University 


Faten Alamri, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lisa Anderson Foley, Virginia Department of Emergency Management   

Sherre Atkins, The Robert Russa Moton Museum & Longwood University

Thalia Bowen, Charles City County

Jennifer Bradley, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ryan Bridgett, Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Corey Byers, Virginia Commonwealth University

Amanda Carlson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Logan Chappell, The College of William & Mary

Cindy Cheely, Virginia Commonwealth University

Carol Considine, Old Dominion University

Hazel Duncan, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Tasha Easter, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Shirley Farrar, Virginia Commonwealth University

Celeste Fetta, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Ramanie Garrett, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rhonda Hall, Virginia Commonwealth University

Juwandar Hill, City of Richmond

Brenna Ivey, Port of Virginia

Lauren Jackson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Nikole John, AdvantEdge Analytics

LaToya Johnson-Davis, Charles City Social Services

Sara Jones, Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center

Angela Josie, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice

Edna Renee Macbeth, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kasharne Neal, Afton Chemical

Mayura Patel, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sonali Rathore, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jennifer Riemann, VCU Police Department

Debbie Roberts, Virginia Commonwealth University

Becky Silva, Virginia Housing Development Authority

Sally Sledge, Norfolk State University

Leanne VanDerveer, Virginia Department of Emergency Management 

Kelly Winn, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jennifer Bottoms, Call Federal Credit Union

Gioia Casso, Virginia Commonwealth University

Maribel Castaneda, Commonwealth of Virginia

Holly Coates, United Methodist Family Services  

Sarah Faris, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sherri Goodine, Dominion Energy

Drew Halstead, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Sharon Harden, City of Richmond

Elizabeth Holt, Charles City County

Shanteny Jackson, Richmond City Health Department

Michelle Johnson, Charles City County

Peggy Lindauer, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kristy Livsey, Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center

Veronica Montes, Virginia Tech

Natalia O’Brien, Virginia Commonwealth University

Miranda Pyne, Virginia Commonwealth University

Karla Ramos, City of Richmond

Melanie Ramos, City of Richmond

Pamela Spratley, Virginia Commonwealth University

Hannah Steighner, Virginia Commonwealth University

Fran Thomas, Virginia State University

Jessi Znosko, Longwood University

Trina Addison, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Michele Armstrong, Virginia Commonwealth University

Pamela Arnold, Virginia Commonwealth University

Karen Askew, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation

Elizabeth Bartol, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Tedra Baskerville, VCU Health System

Isis Blount, Virginia Retirement System

Lena Calla Metcalf, Thompson Creek Window Company

Valarie Carter, Virginia Commonwealth University

Charlotte Dean, YMCA of Greater Richmond

Tamara Del Rosario, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Shannon Edwards, United Network for Organ Sharing

Kisha Fuller, Federal Reserve Bank of Virginia

Jovette Gadson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Donna Gassie, Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth

Genesha Gibson, Virginia Commonwealth  University

Jennifer Hatchett, City of Richmond

Amanda Hill, Virginia Commonwealth University

Denise Jones, RE/MAX Signature

Stacy Jones, VCU Health System

Cynthia McMillan, University of Richmond

LaToya Pettiford, Virginia Commonwealth University

Donna Pletch, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Tamekia Simmons, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice

Lucy Carter Smith, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Stephanie Toney, Virginia Department of Health

Susan Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University

Dionne Woody, City of Richmond

Janina Arrington, Thomas Nelson Community College

Stephanie Boehles, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Charlene Brown, City of Richmond

LaTryce Butler, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sharon Campbell, University of California, San Diego

Brandi Carraway, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Cameron Carter, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kimberly Chen, City of Richmond, Department of Planning and Development

Tierra Easter, Virginia Commonwealth University

Janel Hofler, City of Virginia Beach

Bianca Horner, Virginia State University

Abby Houser, University of Richmond

Jasmine Lewis, University of Virginia Madison House

Tammy Lewis, Virginia Union University

Ashleigh Luck, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jean McClellan-Holt, Old Dominion University

Kirsten McKinney, University of Richmond

Angela Nelson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Heather Nunnally, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lois Paige, Virginia State University

Kirsten Petrocelli, University of Richmond

Tina Petrone, Thompson Creek Window Company

Paula Saylor-Robinson, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Roberta Seay, VCU Health System

Carolyn Smart, University of Richmond

Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, University of Richmond

Jean Thomas Banks, Virginia Commonwealth University

Latanya Walker, Virginia Tech

Kesha Wilson, Norfolk State University

Tawyana Athey, University of Richmond

Janice Baab, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kimberly Batts-Brickhouse, Child Care Aware of Virginia

Talia Brown, United Methodist Family Services

Michelle Carpenter, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tracy Cassalia, University of Richmond

Michelle Coward, City of Richmond

Charlene Easter, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Leslie Fehan, VCU Health System

Jocelyn Harrison, Richmond Department for Social Services

Cheryl Hofmeister, Aetna

Andrea Hott, Commonwealth of Virginia

Carol Ann Irby, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jonette Jackson, Virginia State University

Linda Jackson, Virginia Union University

Marcia James, Virginia State University

Samantha Joyner, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jaquetta Merriweather, Virginia Department of Corrections

Amy Miller, Virginia Commonwealth University

Julie Molloy, Virginia Union University

Anna Mooney, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Elizabeth Pishchalnikova, Virginia Commonwealth University

Brook Pittinger, Virginia Department of Fire Programs

Alana Robinson, Charles Ryan Associates

Amy Taloma, Virginia Commonwealth University

LaTasia Turpin, General Electric

Logan Vetrovec, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kayla Watts, Virginia Commonwealth University

Shermayne Webster, Virginia State University

Nicole Wilkerson, City of Richmond

Karen Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rachel Worthington, Virginia Commonwealth University

Syndra Yancey, WestRock

Peggy Andrews, Virginia Commonwealth University

Melissa Barnes, Norfolk State University

Circe Black, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Freida Bolling, Continental Societies Inc.

Lateshia Brown, Goochland Powhatan Community Services

Shannon Cribbs, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lori Dachille, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Sandra Edgell, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jenae Harrington, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tishaun Harris Ugworji, Department for the Aging and Rehabilitative Services

Katrice Hunt, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Lene Hunt, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kristie Inge, Highwoods Properties Inc.

Tillie Jackson, City of Richmond

Cynthia Kiefer, Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Nursing

Nasha Lewis, Virginia Commonwealth Univesity

Sania Marcoccia, Virginia Commonwealth University

Angela McGrath, Virginia Commonwealth Univesity

Antionette Rivers, Virginia School for Nurse Aides

Valerie Robnolt, Virginia Commonwealth University

Alexandra Rooke, Bridging RVA

Keisha Stephenson, City of Richmond

Kimberly Stevens, Virginia Commonwealth Univesity

Gay Stokes, City of Richmond, Department of Public Utilities

Helen Beth Taylor, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Marti Tomlin-Allen, University of Richmond

Maya Vincelli, University of Richmond

Lynn Welton, Virginia Commonwealth University

Yakira Alston, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rebecca Branch-Griffin, Virginia State University

Hannah Burson, Capital Area Health Network

Deborah Butler, Virginia Commonwealth University

Brooke Cessna, Virginia ABC

Wanda Clary, Virginia Commonwealth University

Marcia Dubois, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

Joyce Foster, Virginia Commonwealth University

Karen Gregory, VCU Massey Cancer Center

Shanza Isom, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sharon Johnson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Carolina Johnson Wilson, Virginia Commonwealth University

June Jones, Virginia Commonwealth University

Nicole Jones, Library of Virginia

Marketa Lee, Virginia Retirement System

Kimberly Matthews, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Jacqueline McDonnough, VCU School of Education, Teaching and Learning

Victoria Moore, Virginia Retirement System

Chevelle Moss-Savage, Virginia State University

Nichole Page, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Marika Peterson, Southside Virginia Community College

Jackie Picco, Estes-Express Lines

Anna Pope, Virginia Retirement System

DaNika Robinson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tanya Satterwhite, Virginia State University

Kellie Slutzah, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tiffini Smith, Bridging Richmond

Robin Watkins, Virginia Commonwealth University

Joyce Wilkins, Virginia State University

Bernadette Battle, Southside Virginia Community College

Kimberly Bradley, Virginia Commonwealth University

Wanda Brown, City of Richmond

Jennifer Chapman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jewell Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lanae Dowe, Virginia State University

Sharna Gannaway, Virginia State University

Bonita Glover, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Hannah Hess, Lululemon

Charleyne Kelley, Virginia Commonwealth University

Juanita Lee, JIREH Construction Co. Inc.

Matilda Lynch, Virginia Commonwealth University

Louise Mason, VCU Medical Center

Ashley Pleasants, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jonet Prevost-White, City of Richmond

Lakesha Roney, Innerself Counseling and Consultation

Eileen Truax, Virginia Commonwealth University

Felita Tucker-Battle, Virginia Commonwealth University

Pamela Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University

Marquita Aguilar, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lauren Austin, Feed More

Margaret Booker, Richmond Montessori School

Tina Braden, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tanisha Dorsey, Virginia Department of Social Services

Jennifer Elswick, Virginia Commonwealth University

Paula Giles, City of Richmond

Paula Harpster, Virginia State Government

Jessica Hench, College of William & Mary

Yourdonous James, Virginia State University

Florence Johnson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ella Jones, Virginia State University

Tiffany Patron, City of Richmond

April Steele, Virginia Commonwealth University

Beverly Walker, Virginia Commonwealth University

Danielle Watkins, Virginia State University

Terry Worrell, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Leslie Bozeman, Virginia Commonwealth University

Marie Chapin, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jacquelyn Cowan, County of Chesterfield

Crystal Crockett, Virginia State University

Gwendolyn Dandridge, Virginia State University

Terri Dickerson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Deborah Farmer, Virginia Commonwealth University

Cheryl Fleming, Office of the Attorney General

Sachiko Goode, Virginia State University

Donna Jackson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Elizabeth Johnson, Virginia Commonwealth University, Center for Institutional Effectiveness

Lisa Miles, University of Richmond

Jasmine Patron, Housing Opportunities Made Equal of VA

Andrea Perseghin, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jennifer Powell, Office of the Attorney General

Victoria Sanders, Sanders for Women's Health

LaTasha Wyche, Virginia Commonwealth University

Pamela Ash, University of Richmond

Felicia Bolling, Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation

Karen Brown-Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jane Dowrick, University of Richmond, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Belinda Friday, Virginia Department of Correctional Education

Judy Gary, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jane Hardell, Henrico Community Corrections Program

Lisa Hatcher Byles, Byles Financial Planning LLC

Marcy Johnson, United Methodist Family Services

Stephanie Kite, Virginia Department of Transportation

Sheena Lyle, Lyle Professional Consulting LLC

Mandy Moffett, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jeannine Perry, Longwood University

Constance Peyton, Virginia Commonwealth University

Duane Robertson, Bank of America

Dionne Shepperson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Valerie Wallen, RTI International

Widad Abed, Richmond Public Schools

Katrina Bagley, McGuire Woods LLP

Connie Ballard, Longwood University

Shiela Battle, Department of Social Services

Carol Brown, Virginia Department of Correctional Education

Lorie Coker, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mary Davis, Spotts Fain PC

Zanetta Ford, Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People

Karen Gilliam, Virginia Commonwealth University

Constance Glenn, City of Richmond

Deborah Hanson, Soul Purpose

Danise Harmon, Virginia Commonwealth University

Valerie Harris, VCU Health System

Amanda Healy, Housing Opportunities Made Equal

Maryann Himes-Fields, University of Virginia

Elke Jack, Anthem

Maro Mitchell, Northern Virginia Community College

Levita Nesbitt, Virginia Education Association

Susan Teague-Rector, IBM Watson Health

Iva Brown, Home Again

LaRuth Ensley, University of Phoenix

Betty Forbes, VCU Medical Center

Karen Gage, Capital One

Beth Harper, St. Joseph's Villa

Rose Hatcher, Aetna

Joyce Johnson, Virginia Heroes Incorporated

Brinda Lee, Metropolitan Technology Solutions, Corp.

Jeanne McNeil, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tiffany Murray, Virginia Commonwealth University

Anita Nadal, School of World Studies

Cassandra Reynolds, Hunton and Williams

Beatrice Robinson, Boaz and Ruth

LaForest F. Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rachelle Booker, Strategic Staffing

K. Johnson Bowles, Longwood Center for the Visual Arts

Katherine Clay-Bassard, Virginia Commonwealth University

Beth Coakley, Virginia Commonwealth University

Annemarie Delgado, Norfolk State University

Christine Diggs, Virginia State University

Angela Duncan, VCU Health System

Julia Galloway, Central Virginia Food Bank

Amy Harris, Richmond Public Schools

Michelle D. Hawkins, Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute

Katherine Vatalaro Hill, VCU Wellness Resource Center

Mia Horace, Virginia Union University

Dawn Howard, Virginia Department of Social Services

Michelle Jones, Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Juliette Landphair, University of Mary Washington

Lorae Ponder, Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia Inc.

Julie Sulik, Friends Association for Children

Kate Turner, Media General

Jacqueline Woody, Department of Environmental Resources

Beverly Boone Harris, Norfolk State University

Kimberly Brown, Virginia Tech

Molly Brunk, MST Institute

Karen Casteele, Radford University

Andrea Collins Tatum, Virginia State University

Erica Holmes, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Xochela James, Virginia Commonwealth University

Salathia Johnson, Virginia Supportive Housing/ Homebuy 5

Michelle Jones-Finney, James Solomon Russell Middle School

Sonya Lamb, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rachel Maddux, Virginia Commonwealth University

Harriet Morrison, Halifax Community College

Sandra Nutall, Virginia Commonwealth University

Susannah O'Donnell, George Mason University

Faye Prichard, Virginia Commonwealth University

Blair Sanyour, The Nature Conservancy

Monica Spencer, Greater Ebenezer A.M.E Church

Shawn Vinson-Briggs, Saint Paul's College

Geraldine Woodley, Saint Paul's College

Anita Wynn, Saint Paul's College

Veronica Barrell, United Methodist Urban Ministries of Richmond Inc.

Valery Bates-Brown, Virginia State University

Mariama Boney, NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Valerie Wiggins Burke, Brunswick County Department of Social Services

Carolyn Burton, Greater Richmond ARC

Rosalie Corona, Virginia Commonwealth Univerisity

Jean Elliott, Virginia Tech

Zarina Fazaldin, L and Z Historic LLC

Dorothy Fillmore, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tracy Hakala, James Madison University

Greta Harris, Better Housing Coalition

Ellen Krauss, St. Christopher's School

Lucretia McCulley, University of Richmond Libraries, University of Richmond

Margaret McGugan, Virginia Employment Commission

Pamela Norris, University of Virginia

Tracy Richardson, Virginia Commonwealth University

Betty Richardson Reppert, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jackie Tugman, Virginia Military Institute

Jacqueline Anderson, School of Theology, Virginia Union University

Deidre Bryant, Choose Your Provider

Denise Cooper, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Selena Cozart, University of Virginia

Charlene Crawley, Virginia Commonwealth University

Miriam Davidow, Richmond City Public Schools

Molly Davis, George Mason University

Torey Edmonds, Virginia Commonwealth University

Paula Freeman, VCU, Academic Technology

Laverne Hanes-Stevens, New Seasons Counseling, Coaching and Consulting

Valerie Holton, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kristen Jacobson, Lutheran Pastor/Bon Secours Richmond

Wanda Martin, Hanover Community Services

Angelina Overvold, Virginia Commonwealth University

Vivian Pair, Hendall Inc.

Paula Parker, Union Presbyterian Seminary

Tammy Rose, Strengthening Families Program/Jewish Community Federation of Richmond

Wanda Rue, Transformation Retreats Inc.

Susan Sekerke, The Daily Planet 

Carol Uzzle, Reveille United Methodist Church

Johnette Walker, East District Family Resource Center

Cricket White, Initiatives of Change

Lisa Williams, McKesson Corp.

Denise Wise, East Team Board

Lynn Woodson, University of Virginia

Lynda Sharp Anderson, Senior Center of Greater Richmond

Helen Aspaas, Virginia Commonwealth University

Doris Batts, Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Sandra Weaver Brownlee, First African Baptist Church

Deborah M. Burton, Living Word of God Tabernacle of Deliverance

Pamela Chavis, Medical University of South Carolina

Kimberly Clark, Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology

Littycia Clay-Crawley, Faith Community Baptist Church

Christine Damrose-Mahlmann, Tidewater Community College

Sharon Dawson, College of Humanities and Sciences

She'ron Fields, Greene Elementary

Marilyn Fitts, Faith Community Baptist Church

Peggy Friedenberg, Congregation Beth Ahabah

Faith Harris, Virginia Union University

Queen Harris, Fifth Baptist Church

Kathy Henderson, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Debora Logan, Trinity Baptist Church

Dudley Luck, Mary Baldwin College

Aleta Meyer, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Mary Parnell, Exodus Family Institute Inc.

Jennifer Phillips, Virginia Commonwealth University

Kammi Phillips, Saint Paul's Baptist Church

Donna Reamy, Virginia Commonwealth University

Barbara Robbins, Rocky Hill Stables

Katherine Weese, Hampden-Sydney College

Valerie Williams, Resurrection Ministry Inc.

Farra Worrell, Women of Grace Ministries

Faye Belgrave, Virginia Commonwealth University

C. Delores Booker, First African Baptist Church

MarQuita Carmichael Burton, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church

Johnna Coleman-Yates, Tidewater Community College

Veverley Coverton-Brown, Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Gloria W. Flowers, Sheltering Arms Physical Rehab Hospital

Giola Forbes, New Deliverance Evangelistic Church

D. Patricia Gray, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sylvia Singleton Harris, First Baptist Church

Camisha Jones, University of Richmond

Brenda Jordan-Shelton

Delores McQuinn, Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Gladys Nunnally, Virginia State University

Valerie Salaam, Richmond City Council

Elizabeth Gayle Walker, Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School

Lynne Washington, Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Beverly Abdus-Sabur, Richmond City Public Schools

Zenoria Adbus-Salaam, Masjid Bilal

Brenda Brown, Henrico County

Daphne Bryan, Hayes E. Willis Health Center

Paige Chargois, Hope in the Cities

Christine El Amin, Masjio Bilal

Patty Hale, Lynchburg College

Judy Horton, Suburban Hospital

Cheryl Ivey Green, First Baptist Church of South Richmond

Gwen Mansini, Mechanicsville Christian Center

Judy McMillan, Tidewater Community College

Wanda Mitchell, Hampton University

Cheryl Mitchem, Virginia State University

Katrinia Murray, Fourth Baptist Church

Mari Normyle, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Mary Katherine O'Connor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mary O'Neill, Northern Virginia Community College

Valerie Taylor, Word of Life Ministries

Roberta Walker, Westwood Baptist Church

Kim Ward, Virginia Union University

Beverly Warren, Virginia Commonwealth University

Heather Warren, University of Virginia

Elsie Weatherington, Virginia State University

Dorothy Winningham, New Bethel Christian Fellowship International

Minority Political Leadersip Institute

Amber Adams, Virginia Housing Development Authority

Saman Aghaebrahim, Office of the Governer

Taryn Anthony, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

Erica Brown-Meredith, Longwood University

Tarik Claiborne, Virginia Housing Development Authority

Kristen Dahlman, Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Tracey Dunn, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Darnell Hicks, Southside Virginia Community College

Stephen Miller-Pitts, U.S. Department of Defense

Sandy Reynolds, Hunton Andrew and Kurth, LLP

Danielle Richardson, US Department of Veteran Affairs

Grant Rissler, Virginia Commonwelath University

Vanessa Walker Harris, Virginia Department of Health

Barbara Williams-Lewis, Altria LLC

Kera Woodward, Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Saajida Chohan, John Tyler Community College

Shermese Epps, Vince and Vince LP

Ericka Hairston, Virginia Commonwealth University

Gregory Hopkins, City of Richmond, Department of Justice Services

Carla Jackson, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Germika Pegram, Strategic Youth Services

Lynette Plummer, Office of the Attorney General

Edward Reed, Senate of Virginia, Sen. Rosalyn R. Dance

Brenda Sampe, Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services

Courtney Warren, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice

Rana Wilson, CSRA Inc.

Anita Yearwood, Virginia Municipal League

Ramunda Young, Northern Virginia Community College and MahoganyBooks and Ramunda Young Inc.

Melanie Avery, Avery Strategy LLC

Stacy Boone, City of Richmond

Gena Burrell, GTT Enterprises Inc.

Karanja Cooke, City of Richmond

Theresa Cry, Virginia Commonwealth University

Cindy Davis, Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Traci DeShazor, Virginia Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Branden Gustavus, Babcock and Wilcox

Danise Harmon, Virginia Commonwealth University

Uzziah Harris, City of Richmond

Linda Haskins, Dominion Energy

Robert Irving, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Nadine Marsh-Carter, Children's Home Society of Virginia

Chad Martin, Piedmont Community Services

Tammy Martin, UPSide to Youth Development LLC

Selonia Miles, U.S. Marine Corps

Kimberly Pope, Department of Defense

Monica Reid, Fairfax County

Katina Williams, St. Joseph's Villa

Patrice Banks, Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Melissa Brown, City of Richmond

Daphne Bryan, Bon Secours Bermuda Crossroads Primary Care

Olutosin Burrell, D.C. Public Schools

Ashley Chapman, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Ida Jones, City of Richmond

Donald Knight, Department of Defense, DeCA HQ

Dawn Lawson, U.S. Department of the Army

Robert Mayfield, Tenaska

Tarvaris McCoy, Community Housing Partners Corporation

Cydny Neville, Dumfries Community Services

Sookyung Oh, Commonwealth Insitute for Fiscal Analysis

Keith Rogers, City of Richmond

LaDonna Sanders, Department of Family Services

Susan Willis, Mosaica Education

Lashrecse Aird, House of Delegates

Sheila Battle, City of Richmond, Department of Social Services

Penny Blue, Salem City Public Schools

Ron Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University

Monica Jefferson, Virginia Housing Development Authority

Tremell Jeffries, The eMagine-Nation Foundation

Kirk Jones, Central Virginia Chapter, A. Philip Randolph Institute

Ty Jones, Virginia Poverty Law Center

Dallice Joyner, Northern Virginia Area Health Education Center

Sharon Mosley, PartnerJD

Jaynell Pittman-Shaw, Virginia Housing Development Authority

Brinda Ross-Lee, Mary Washington Healthcare

William Sanford, Housing Opportunities Made Equal

Calvin Sulton, Virginia Commonwealth University

Farra Worrell, Women of Grace Ministries

Sindy Benavides, Office of the Governor

John Cannady, LeClairRyan

John Chapman, Fairfax County Public School

Marie Coone, Your Personal Assistant/Peerless

Tyee Davenport, Tyee N. Davenport Nonprofit Consulting

Cintra Davis, Office of the Governor

W. Germain Favor, Delegate M.E. BaCote’s Office

Sherrina Gibson, VA Health Care Foundation

Tanya Gonzalez, City of Richmond, Hispanic Liaison Office

Antione Green, Delegate Joseph D. Morrissey’s Office

Michelle Hawkins, Virginia Commonwealth University

Nalin Jain, Leadership Institute

Shanae Moore, Arlington Small Business Development Center of George Mason

Niketa Outlaw, Commonwealth of Virginia Compensation Board

Tichi Pinkney-Eppes, Virginia PTA Association

Alicia Roberts, Precision, Communication and Technology

Alicia Smith, Virginia Education Association

Brenda Spell, City of Richmond, Department of Procurement Services

Lionell Spruill, Norfolk State University

Julie Truitt, Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services

Dana Wiggins, Virginia Poverty Law Center

Qasarah Bey, First Union Bapt Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Legacy Consulting

Carolyn Booker, Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Dentistry

Shakeela Brown, Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Center

Melvin Carter, Richmond Fire Department

Portia Cole, Virginia State University

Vaughan Cunningham, Queen Esther Baptist Church

ArQuena Dailey, Office of the Chief Technology Officer

Sharon Dawson, City of Richmond

Ana Edwards, Homeward

Michael Elliot, Sentara Health Plan

Sheila Flether-Guy, City of Hampton

Marie Gardner, Virginia Commonwealth University

Tishaun Harris-Ugworji, Virginia Department of Social Services

Kendrick Henley, Hampton University

Daphne Hill, Northrop Grumman Corp.

Alvin Hill III, Target

Dawn Howard, Commonwealth of Virginia

Cherrelle Hurt, Children's Health Involving Parents of Greater Richmond

Monique Johnson, Virginia Housing Development Authority

Kristine Jones, Office of Public Policy Training, Virginia Commonwealth University

Solomon Keene Jr., Access America

Sheronda Lawson, Carlyle Group

Demeka McCleave, YMCA Greater Richmond

Rumy Mohta, Richmond Travels/Ritts Corp

Hollye Monroe, City of Richmond Police Department

Milan Perlly, Capital One

Christianne Queiroz, Central Virginia Legal Aid Society

Wayne Scott, George Mason Elementary

Levar Stoney, GreenTech Automotive Inc.

Andrea Trotter, Sen. Yvonne Miller

Sylvester Turner, Hope in the Cities

Jennifer Wicker, Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

Irene Williams, Richmond City Public Schools

Monica Allen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sheri Bailey, Juneteenth Festival Company

Julia Torres Barden

Umar Bowers, Islamic Political Party of America

George Braxton, LeClair Ryan

Leonard Cooke, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Craig Dixon, McGuireWoods  LLP

Curtis Edmonds, Norfolk Southern Corporation

Milagritos Flinn, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ana Carolina Hamlett, Ana C.M. Hamlett Consulting

Cheryl Henry, Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Social Services

Thomas House, Campus Police

Robert James, Government of the District of Columbia

Melaney Johnson, ALSTOM Power Inc.

Derik Jones, First Baptist Church of South Richmond

Yolanda Macklin, Ventiv U.S. Health Sales

Velma McNair, Better Life Ministries

T. Markos Mulugeta, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Charles Patterson, Spotts Fain Chappell and Anderson P.C.

Shaunna Payne, Bridgewater College

Patrice Hutchinson Randall, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Courtni Somerville, Office of State Senator Stephen H. Martin

Lanita Thweatt, Federal Government

Philip Vasquez, Steppoe and Johnson LLC

Renee Scott Walker, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Paul Walker Jr., Chesapeake Bay Academy

ArKeisha Whitley, Virginia General Assembly

Don Williams, Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond

Curtis Young, Delegate Mamye E. BaCote