—Grace E. Harris, Ph.D.

Accepting Applications for VCU Leadership 2017

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Accepting Applications for HIGHER Ground 2017

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VCU Leadership Team Project Presentations - Thursday, October 6, 2016

Location: VCU Student Commons, Richmond Salons

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Each year, VCU Leadership Development Program participants develop a project where they work in assigned teams to address issues of current importance to the University community that align with the University Strategic Plan.  Together with a team sponsor from upper administration, these teams develop a project to be carried out at various levels of the University.  The interdisciplinary nature of the teams provides excellent opportunities for learning new perspectives and networking across campuses.  Project teams also provide a venue for applying new skills, developing creative strategies for solving problems, as well as a laboratory for working on diverse teams.  Many of these projects have gone on to be implemented into successful University programs.

VCU Leadership Team Projects focus on the VCU Quest for Distinction. VCU Quest for Distinction embraces our vision as a premier urban, public research university focused on student success. It does so responsibly, with a renewed focus on how VCU will pursue excellence at every level even in the face of dwindling resources and increasing calls for accountability and demonstrable value for higher education.

VCU Quest Distinction focuses on three major themes:

  • Theme I: Become a leader among national research universities in providing all students with high-quality learning/living experiences focused on inquiry, discovery and innovation in a global environment 
  • Theme II: Attain distinction as a fully integrated urban, public research university through contributions in human health, research, scholarship and creative expression that advance knowledge and enhance the quality of life 
  • Theme III: Become a national model for community engagement and regional impact 

Each of the projects focus on capitalizing “the outstanding assets of the VCU experience and that truly distinguishes VCU as a major research university committed to academic quality and student success at all levels” (Quest for Distinction, 2011).



The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University promotes the development of current and emerging leaders in academic institutions; public, private, and nonprofit organizations; and in the community.  Leadership programs are based on the principles of collaboration and partnerships, with a strong commitment to long-term relationships between clients and participants.  Additionally, the Institute researches and disseminates knowledge on the best practices in leadership.

Through its training and public policy research, the Institute is committed to identifying and nurturing the next generation of leaders.


The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute promotes the development of current and emerging leaders in academic institutions, other public, private, and nonprofit organizations, and communities.

Consistent with the mission of VCU, the Institute is committed to identifying and nurturing the next generation of leaders through leadership training and public policy research.


The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute will be recognized throughout the region as the premier provider of leadership development programs for its:

  • Adherence to the principles of leadership exhibited by Grace E. Harris, Ph.D., based on collaboration and instituting leadership — envisioning a brighter future
  • Creating a learning environment, building collaborative partnerships, and strengthening commitment to results
  • Commitment to long-term relationships with clients and participants
  • Promotion of action-oriented transformational leadership

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MPLI Team Project Presentations - Friday, November 18, 2016

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