Debbie Taminger headshot

Debbie Taminger

Job title: Program Coordinator

Debbie Taminger, Program Coordinator at the Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute (GEHLI), joined VCU in May 2017. Her primary responsibilities are providing administrative support to professional development programs, including being the lead administrator for the Fundamentals for Supervisors, Experienced Supervisors Institute, and the Supervisors and Managers Bootcamp. She also assists with consulting projects, reviewing policies and budgets, managing assessments, and continuously looking for ways to improve communication, productivity, and processes. She was honored to be the 2023 recipient of the VCU Wilder School Service Excellence Award.

Debbie has extensive experience serving on non-profit boards as she enjoys giving back to her community. Debbie served on the Executive Board of the United States Coast Guard Academy Parents Association from 2017 - 2019 and was the recipient of the Coast Guard Academy Dedicated Service Award in 2019. She also served on the Maggie Walker Governor's School Policy Review Committee from 2016-2018, where she worked with the Regional School Board and school administration to establish school policy. During her 20+ years serving on various boards, Debbie enjoyed working closely with local, regional, and federal agencies, which led her to the Wilder School. Debbie loves working with the Wilder team to help others grow in their professional development as that impacts not only the individual but also everyone they work with and the clients they serve.